SSD(Solid State Drive) VPS (Virtual Private Servers)

The high performance Cloud at an affordable price

What is SSD VPS Hosting

Do you want a fast website? so that you can get more traffic, do you run a busy website or an e-commerce portal and you want to give a better experience to your business or your customer's businesses. Want to run lots of applications and you want to load at the very fast speed without too much of wating, time is money after all. If that is what you need, then GIGSHOST SSD VPS (Virtual Private server) will provide you the performance and the speed you require. Because these days websites speed and performance matter to each and every online business. It matters to search engine optimization, matter to your customers.

A traditional drive which is installed on a VPS is a mechanical device with moving parts. This means it takes time to read and write the data. With SSD (Solid State Drive), there are no moving parts. This means it is lightning fast, in fact for some operations SSD is 600 times faster than a traditional HDD.

Why gigshost SSD VPS?

Switching to GIGSHOST SDD VPS means, you can get a better ranking on Google, A better experience for your customers and more time to focus on growing your business. It will be even better if the SSD VPS is hosted on GIGSHOST high availability cloud. This means your valuable data is stored over several SSD on several servers, which means the hardware related downtime is virtually eliminated. If you need more resources like CPU, RAM or Disk space, you can upgrade the SDD VPS on the fly. It is just a click away.

With GIGSHOST, We provide free migration of your any portal with our SDD VPS packages. So why not make the switch from your current hosting provider to GIGSHOST SSD VPS and see what GIGSHOST SSD VPS can do for your business. Just select the plan and click on the order button and your SSD VPS will be activated instantly.

Included with your VPS SSD Instance

Responsible Host

  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 24/7 support, monitoring and management
  • Instant Setup
  • Easy to Use Control Panel

Control Panels

  • Plesk Onyx Web Admin(10 domains): $5.49/mo
  • Plesk Onyx Web Pro(30 domains): $12.49/mo
  • Plesk Onyx Web Host(unlimited): $38.99/mo
  • Cpanel Latest(unlimited): $27.99/mo

Operating System Options

  • CentOS 6
  • Debian 7
  • CentOS 7
  • Arch Linux
  • Debian 8
  • Ubuntu 14.04 Server
  • Ubuntu 15.04 Server
  • Ubuntu 16.04 Server


  • Docker (Ubuntu 14.04)
  • Docker (Ubuntu 15.04)
  • LAMP (Debian 8)
  • Ruby (coming soon)

Pre-installed CMS & E-commerce

  • Joomla (Debian 8)
  • WordPress (Debian 8)
  • Drupal (Debian 8)
  • PrestaShop (Debian 8)

Security Features

  • SSL Certificates
  • Whois Protection
  • 128 bit / 256 bit encryption
  • TRUSTe Privacy Policy
  • SiteLock