ASP.NET Windows Web Hosting

Why Choose ASP.NET Hosting?

ASP.NET is the ideal choice when it comes to Windows Shared Hosting or Windows Reseller Hosting. You can also make use of the Windows Cloud Servers to build scalable .NET web applications. ASP.NET is a great platform for build standards-based websites and enterprise web applications using HTML5 and CSS3. It is an open-source server side web application framework that is widely used in the industry to create dynamic web pages. ASP.NET was developed by Microsoft to allow developers to build dynamic web services, web applications and web sites. ASP.NET is build on top of the famous Common Language Runtime (CLR) that is supported by the .NET Framework.


ASP.NET Hosting - Potential Advantages

ASP.NET has a lot of potential advantages. This is the reason why some of the most complex and high traffic websites like LiveWire and PayPal use ASP.NET to built their web applications. Some of the potential advantages of ASP.NET are as follows.

  • The websites and applications that are created using ASP.NET are stylish, scalable and robust.
  • Since ASP.NET uses Common Language Runtime (CLR), the developers have the choice to code using any one of the language supported by the .NET Framework. Some commonly used languages are
    • C#
    • Visual Basic.NET
    • Jscript
    • J#
  • ASP.NET is suitable to web application development for PC and Mobile devices.
  • ASP.NET provides comprehensive  features for responsive web desigining.
  • ASP.NET can be used to build interactive, data driven applications over the internet.
  • It can be incorporated into existing websites with minimal efforts.
  • It is highly developer friendly and maintainable.

You can choose ASP.NET Hosting along with Windows Shared Hosting or Windows Reseller Hosting packages and experience the advantages ASP.NET brings to your business.


What can you do with ASP.NET Hosting?

With ASP.NET hosting you can harness the full power of Windows Reseller Hosting or Windows Web Hosting. Some of the most widely used cases of ASP.NET Hosting are as follows.

  • Interactive applications
  • Data Driven Applications
  • Payment Gateways
  • Shopping Carts
  • Responsive Web Sites etc.

Why choose GigsHost for ASP.NET Hosting?

With more than 10 years of experience in the Windows Shared and Windows Reseller Hosting Arena, we at GigsHost have rich expertise in ASP.NET hosting. Our portfolio includes hosting and maintaining large scale ASP.NET Web applications. We have served customers of most disciplines with diverse requirements. Some of the outstanding advantages that you’ll get with GigsHost are as follows.

  • Innovative and excellent support team which is available 24X7
  • Provide flawless hosting environment to its customers
  • Customized instances on request
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

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