Joomla Hosting

Why Choose Joomla Web Hosting?

With over a 50 million user downloads, Joomla is a widely used open source web based content management system (CMS). Build on a Model-View-Controller framework, Joomla is a powerful and scalable web hosting application.

Joomla is build using the  most trusted web hosting programming lanuguage, PHP. The most widely used web hosting database, MySQL serves as the back end. Joomla is engineered using the Object Oriented Programming paradigm making use of the concept of design patterns.

From a user perspective Joomla is easy to use and offers a huge set of plugin module that can be incorporated according to the will and wish of the user. From a simple time ticker to a complex shopping cart or instant messenger are all available as plugins in the Joomla Marketplace.

Joomla is a good choice to manage websites hosted in both Windows Web Hosting environment or Linux Web Hosting environment. It allows the users to manage their sites in an organized manner.


Benefits of Using Joomla CMS Hosting

Some of the good benefits of using Joomla Hosting are as follows

  • User friendly
  • Supports scalability
  • Supports MVC Architecture
  • Open-source and availability of a large number of free plugins
  • A plethora of free themes
  • Needs no coding knowledge
  • Provides an easy way for an organized website
  • Support Silo Structured Website Formation
  • Strong Security Features

Why choose GigsHost for WordPress Hosting?

With more than 10 years of experience in the Windows and Linux Web Hosting, GigsHost team have a profound knowledge in Joomla Hosting. We have Joomla Hosting experts in our team who can answer and help you with any kind of problems. Be it on a Windows Web Hosting Platform or Linux Web Hosting Platform our experts can fine tune your Joomla site on your request for the best performance. Some of the outstanding advantages that you’ll get with GigsHost are as follows.

  • Innovative and excellent support team which is available 24X7
  • Provide flawless hosting environment to its customers
  • Customized instances on request
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

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