Microsoft Windows Hosting Suite

Microsoft Windows Hosting is undoubtedly one of the best and most used hosting solutions by experts and industry leaders in the world. It is a well known fact that more than 85% of the worlds computers run on Windows Operating Systems. Microsoft has conquered the software industry space and remains the leaders for ages. It is no different in the case of Hosting. With a complete suite of fully synchronized, modular and scalable software components Microsoft clearly remains the industry leader in Hosting.

Microsoft Windows Hosting is a highly efficient and robust platform for hosting web applications and websites. Enterprise level, large or small, Windows Web Hosting can deal it. From the customer perspective, the advantages are numerous.

  • Scalable and Robust
  • Cost-Effective
  • Continuous and Dedicated Support

The array of software components that are a part of the Microsoft Windows Hosting Platform are as follows.

Windows Shared Hosting

Windows Shared Hosting is a type of Microsoft Windows Hosting. In fact it is not a flavor of the hosting facilities, but more in the perspective of the infrastructure usage model. In a shared hosting environment a common server is shared by many users. Though the basic users will not feel the difference, the users who wish to customize their environment will not be able to do it in the case of a Windows Shared Hosting Environment.

In a shared hosting environment, the user will have access to only his/her web folder and cannot make any system wide changes as it will affect other users. However, at GigsHost we understand our customer needs and try our best to optimize our server for your best interests.

Windows Dedicated Hosting

Windows Dedicated Hosting is a setup that is just the opposite of Windows Shared Hosting. In a dedicated windows hosting server only your web application or web site will be hosted. This gives the users the power to modify the system settings to suit their needs. From the configuration of the IIS server to the file system swap space configuration, the user will have complete control of the system.

We also offer dedicated hosting on the cloud. With the versatile, robust and scalable cloud infrastructure, you don't have to worry about the increase in needs of power, space or memory. Our cloud farms will let you grow as much as you want.

Though costly compared to shared hosting, Windows dedicated hosting is chosen by people who think their applications hosted on the web is critical. We at GigsHost understand our customer's needs and hence make sure to guarantee a 99.99% uptime ensuring that your business critical applications are always available to your customers.

Windows Reseller Hosting

Windows Reseller Hosting is a hosting platform where you yourself become a web hosting provider. You do not have to worry about procuring and maintaining servers or getting in support staff. You can purchase and windows reseller hosting account and sell web hosting accounts to your customers.

You will have dedicated reseller dashboards where you can bill and track your customers. Any infrastucture support requests from your customers will be taken care by our staff. This kind of hosting is most suited for Web Hosting businessmen and web designers.

Web Designers can make a great deal with the easy to use and administer Windows Reseller Hosting packages offered by GigsHost. By paying a negligible subscription for the Windows Reseller Hosting account, you will not only have complete control of all the web sites that you design and host, but can bill your customers as per your wish and get recurring income which you won't otherwise.