MS SQL Server Web Hosting

Why Choose MS SQL Sever for Windows Web Hosting ?

The Microsoft SQL Server promises a breakthrough performance for all you machine critical applications, using technologies like in-memory. It provides faster insights from any kind of data to any user in even familiar tools like Excel. The user will be at ease with using MS SQL Server Hosting features since it is the database platform that is developed by Microsoft who is the share owner of more than 85% of desktop computers in the world. That means over the Microsoft has impressed the public and still continues to. The MS SQL Server when hosted on a web platform provided a resilient platform for building, deploying and managing solution. It can be centralized and to harness the best of it, you can host it on our Windows Cloud Hosting platform.


MS SQL Server – Potential Advantages

MS SQL Server enables customers across the globe to build Big-Data solutions over Windows Cloud Server enabling development of mission critical applications. The ease with that MS SQL Server syncs with Windows Cloud Servers is a real boost for those who need real performance.

Some of the outstanding advantages of MS SQL Server Hosting are as follows.

  • Support for Data Warehousing.
  • Support for complex big-data solutions.
  • Business Intelligence and analytic workloads without having to buy additional costly add-ons.
  • Continuous and dedicated support from Microsoft.
  • Easily portable whether to load it to on-premise system or on the cloud.
  • Advanced orchestration and clustering features.

Unlike MySQL Hosted Server, the MS SQL Hosted Server is for the ones who need the best and cannot compromise on quality, performance and security. The MS SQL server is the best back end database for Windows Web Hosting platform. It is common sense that when the hosting and back end is provided by the same vendor the performance is going to be brilliant.

With the dedicated and continuous support from Microsoft, the application that you run on the Windows Web Hosting platfrom with MS SQL Server hosted as the back end server will ensure the best performance you could ever get.


What can you do with a Hosted MS SQL Server on Windows Cloud Servers?

With a MS SQL Server hosting on a Windows Web Hosting platform, you can reliably build you business critical application on the web. The stability that is offered by the combo of Windows Web Hosting platform and MS Server Server hosting is unmatchable. You can also opt for the MS SQL Server to be hosted on the latest scalable Windows Cloud Servers offered by GigsHost. This will ensure that your apllications will never disappoint a customer. Whether it is the space that you need, power or memory our Windows Cloud Servers can scale as per your needs and you pay only as you use.

Some of the most common use cases for MS SQL Server Hosted on Windows Cloud Servers are as follows.

  • As a back end data base for your hosted web applications.
  • As a remote database that can cater as a central data storage location for your distributed applications on and off the web.
  • As a comprehensive data warehouse.
  • As a big-data analytic engine.
  • As a back end for your distributed machine critical enterprise applications.

Why choose GigsHost for MySQL Hosting?

With more than 10 years of experience in the Hosting Arena, we at GigsHost have expertise in MS SQL Server hosting and Windows Cloud Servers. We adopted to the Windows Cloud Hosting space in the very early stages of cloud hosting and from then on has been supporting out customers with fine tuned and customized cloud solutions. We have experience in MS SQL Server Hosting for more than a decade. Our team of experts have worked from MS SQL server version 2000. Our dedicated expertise team have the experience and knowledge to cater any of your needs. We can orchestrate the MS SQL Hosted server to suit your needs. When hosted on our Windows Cloud Servers, we can help you scale the server as your business grows. Our portfolio includes hosting and maintaining large scale hosted MS SQL servers for over a decade. We have served customers of most disciplines with diverse requirements. Some of the outstanding advantages that you’ll get with GigsHost are as follows.

  • Innovative and excellent support team which is available 24X7.
  • Provide flawless hosting environment to its customers.
  • Customized instances on request.
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction.
  • Orchestration of the MS SQL Server Hosted Instance.
  • Promise of scalability with Windows Cloud Servers.

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