Windows and Linux Web Hosting with MVC Architecture

Model – View – Controller (MVC) architecture is the most efficient and the industry adopted standard for application hosted on the web. Whether you are building application for Windows Web Hosting or Linux Web Hosting, following MVC architecture will be a big boost.


What is MVC Architecture?

The Model – View – Controller or MVC architecture is a widely used and industry accepted software architectural pattern for web applications. According to this architectural pattern any web application is divided into three interconnected parts. This is done to separate the internal representation of data from the way the data is interpreted and presented to the user.


Windows or Linux Web Hosting – Benefits of Using MVC Architecture

Whether you opt for a Windows Web Hosting platform or Linux Web Hosting platform, it is always suggested that you build your web application according to the MVC architecture.

Some of the advantages of following the MVC architecture for building Windows or Linux Web applications are as follows.

  • It will enable to build user-friendly applications.
  • The response of the applications built using MVC architecture will be better.
  • The applications built using MVC architecture will be easily scalable.
  • The maintainability of application built using MVC is very high.
  • MVC architecture ensures a greater level of security for Web Applications hosted whether on Windows Web Hosting platform or Linux Web Hosting Platform.

A sample scenario for MVC Architecture

This is a generic scenario which shows how versatile and flexible MVC architecture makes your web applications. Given below are the technologies that you can make use of for each of Model, View and Controller.


View is the presentation layer of the MVC architecture. View is the only layer that is exposed to the users of the web application. From a user point of view he/she does not know whether is application is hosted on a Windows Web Hosting platform or a Linux Web Hosting Platform.

The view layer can be build using the following technologies.

  • PHP
  • Plain HTML/CSS
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • JSP
  • JSF etc.


The controller can be called as the heart of the web application. The controller is the layer where all the business logic is coded into. The controller is the layers that controls the view layer and the model layer. According to the inputs received from the view and model layer, the control layer takes decisions and drives the other two layers according to the business logic.

The controller layer can be build using the following technologies.

  • C#
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Ruby on Rails etc.


The model layer of the MVC architecture can also be called as the back end layer. This is the layer that takes care of all data storage and persistence. The controller drives the model based on the business logic and the inputs from the view layer. The model layer is a very essential layer since all the data resides in it. Hence, the model layer has to be built using a ACID compliant, stable and scalable technology.

Some of the technologies that can be used as a model layer are as follows.


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