MySQL Hosting

Why Choose MySQL Server?

MySQL server is as the back end database for more than 12 million websites around the world. Many tycoons in the industry, including Yahoo Finance use web hosted MySQL as their back end database. MySQL Server is a completely open-source database as contrasted to many popular commercial database used in Windows and Linux web hosting. Another advantage is that since MySQL is open-source, the source code is available under the General Public License, which means anyone can host MySQL server as their back-end database for both Windows Hosting as well as Linux Hosting without paying a penny. It is true even for commercial websites. So whether you want to do MySQL hosting as the back-end database for a simple hobby site or use it for a commercial website, including but not limited to e-commerce sites, then MySQL Server Hosting is the right choice for you.


MySQL Server – Potential Advantages

An unusual advantage that MySQL offers is that you can incorporate different database storage engines with it, depending on your need. For example, you may want a database which will be mainly used for quick access, or accessing heavily portioned tables, or sometimes transactions. Whatever your need, you can choose a database engine of your choice with MySQL Server. The various database engines that can be incorporated into a hosted MySQL server are as follows.

  • InnoDB
  • Memory
  • NDB Cluster etc.

You can pick any database engine from a wide array that is most suitable for you Linux or Windows web hosting needs and incorporate it with hosted MySQL server.

Another important factor to note is that you can run MySQL on almost all operating systems, including Windows Server 2012. The biggest advantage this promises is that you will not be locked into either Windows Hosting or Linux Hosting when you have a hosted MySQL server as your backend database. Your hosted MySQL database can be moved across operating systems at any time. Hence moving from a Windows Hosting environment to a Linux Hosting environment will be a walk on the cake.

A widespread opinion is that MySQL performs best on Unix or Linux OS only. But to mention the fact, this is nothing more than a myth.


What can you do with a Hosted MySQL Server?

With a MySQL server hosted on a Windows or Linux Hosting environment you can make use of it in any desired manner. Below are some of the use cases.

  • As a back end data base for your hosted web applications
  • As a remote database that can cater as a central data storage location for your distributed application.
  • As a cloud based data repository etc.

Why choose GigsHost for MySQL Hosting?

With more than 10 years of experience in the Hosting Arena, we at GigsHost have expertise in MySQL hosting. Our portfolio includes hosting and maintaining large scale hosted MySQL server to tiny instances. We have served customers of most disciplines with diverse requirements. Some of the outstanding advantages that you’ll get with GigsHost are as follows.

  • Innovative and excellent support team which is available 24X7
  • Provide flawless hosting environment to its customers
  • Customized instances on request
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

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